Out of My Mind 304 Pages!

Sometimes, in this book I could relate to when I was in a wheelchair with a broken leg. Melody, the main character is a girl who has a photographic memory. But, she can’t walk, talk, or use her hands to pick things up.
I felt similar to Melody when I had a broken leg because there were many things that I could not do that I would normally do such as walk through a narrow hallway, or perhaps getting in the car. Melody could not do that either, and I can relate to what the author described her feeling. Reading this book is very inspiring and I would recommend it to anyone of any age!

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a very well known book.It is written by Suzanne Collins. It is set in the future, where a girl named Katniss Everdeen is chosen to participate in “The Hunger Games”. These Games are fights to the death between 24 people, in a preset environment that can be changed any time.
This text reminds me of “The Girl Who Owned a City” by O.T. Nelson. It reminds me of that book because both are situated in the future, and both books have a Survival of the Fittest plot. In “The Girl Who Owned a City” all the adults are killed by a virus and only children 12 and under are left alive. Children band together trying to get supplies such as food and water by robbing and killing other children, this is similar to “The Hunger Games” because of the survival of the fittest theme. It is also similar to “The Call of the Wild” because in that book, the main character, Buck, has to survive against other dogs, hunger, and the elements. This is similar to “The Hunger Games” because of the survival aspect, and the survival of the fittest aspect once again.

Predicting Fire-us Book 1: The Kindling 224 Pages

So far, inside Fire-us Book One, we have encountered several characters. The main characters are called Mommy, Teeacher, Hunter, and the Angerman. In the begining, a disease wiped out all adults on the Earth (or so they think) and they have been living together as a family. Then, the Angerman came and made their family changed. He wanted to take them from their home in Floridia to Washington D.C.

I predict that they will encounter many hardships on the way to Washington D.C. I have a feeling that many wild animals will be met. I also have a feeling that they might meet another human too! I am not too certain about what might happen next because I haven’t read any books by this author besides this one and this is the first book in a trilogy. Maybe that won’t reach Washington D.C. Maybe they will get stuck in a cave or in a building or something. Because it is a series it is hard to tell what may happen. I reccoment this series to people who such as The Hunger Games, The Girl Who Owned a City, and other survival books.

My Feeling on Two Minute Mysteries

When I was reading this book, I felt as if I knew everything and nothing could slip past me. This was because this is a mystery book. There are many short-stories in this book that you can try and solve. I found it challenging and felt as though nothing could sneak past me when I figured out the mystery. I also felt disappointed with myself at times because I couldn’t figure out the mystery. This made my sad because I didn’t know why someone was guilty of the crime committed in that short-story. Then, when I looked that the answer, it was an Ah HAAA moment. I could look back in the story to see the little slips the suspect made that was listed in the answer and have the chance to figure it out for myself! The detective in the book feels very confident that he can solve any case that is brought up to him, and he does! He always feels very confident about himself and never doubts that he may be stumped by a case. There is always a clue that the suspects reveal when they are being question, and he will always find it. The question is, will you?

Predicting (and re-reading) “The Mysterious Benedict Society” 342 pages so far!

For this S.S.R. Log, I re-read The Mysterious Benedict Society which I read a long time ago. Where I left off, the four main characters, Constance Kate, Reynie and Sticky were trapped in the room with the villain, Mr, Curtain, about to come inside. I predict that they will get caught and be revealed as spies because Mr. Curtain is really smart and is a criminal mastermind. However, since I know that Trenton Lee Stewart is an author who is good at making plot-twists, perhaps they will find a place to hide, or overcome Mr. Curtain. That is the best part about these stories. They’re almost impossible to predict.

Critiquing the “Star Trek Encyclopedia, A Reference Guide to the Future, Updated and Expanded Version” 752 Pages!

In The Star Trek Encyclopedia Revised and Expanded Version there were no parts that I didn’t like! It is a book that is easily planned out and elaborates on a lot of information. It talks about everything from the massive Galaxy Class U.S.S. (United Space Ship) Enterprise, to how its mighty warp engines take it between the stars, to what makes those Ambassadors tick. Obviously, the person who wrote this had advanced knowledge of the production of each episode. There were even little things that I didn’t know! For example, how could one guess that there was a little inside joke on every door’s ID! It would be impossible to find out otherwise. A well thought out book with extensive information about planets, and starships, definitely a ten out of ten!

Critiquing 272 Pages of The Supernaturalist

I think Eoin Colfer did a wonderful job of writing The Supernaturalist because it is nicely crafted together and is very hard to put down. It has tremendous word choice and is just as good as the Artemis Fowl series. I think he shouldn’t change anything inside the book. I think it is perfect the way it is although I wish he would write a sequel so I can know what happened to Cosmo Hill and the others. I think it would be nice to have a sequel and I hope he writes one.